Legal Action Center

LAC fights discrimination, builds health equity, and restores opportunities for people with criminal records, substance use disorders, and HIV/AIDS.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Organizational Website

The challenge

For decades, our country has enforced a broad range of punitive drug and criminal justice policies. As a result, one in three Americans have a criminal record, and millions more cannot afford the healthcare they need to address addiction, substance use, and mental health challenges. Legal Action Center provides direct legal services, pursues legislative advocacy, drives strategic litigation, and deploys training and assistance. Their multi-pronged approach is designed to tackle the complex challenge of overcriminalization and inadequate healthcare.

Action is our middle name

As LAC's executive director once said, “Action is our middle name.” The organization has a long history of working and accomplishments at the intersection of health and justice.

Our new logo highlights the organization’s history of Action through the negative space of the A. This triangle became the cornerstone of the brand, and directly represents the upward mobility that the Legal Action Center offers their clients, as well as the steps that the organization takes to represent people that go unheard.

Building a system

The triangle from the logo became the building block of Legal Action Center’s diverse icon set.

We highlighted LAC’s unique focus on the intersection of justice and health through a visual frame that unifies different layers of the organization’s work. And the ticker-like pattern we created communicates the urgency of issues when necessary.

A purpose-first website

The new website was an opportunity to unveil LAC’s bold story. We started with their “why”, an emotionally-resonant, purpose-first articulation of their reason for being in the world. The website allows users to browse their complex work through the three lenses of Fighting Discrimination, Building Health Equity, and Restoring Opportunity.

The "Need Legal Help?" page is catered specifically to prospective clients and organizations seeking advice, counsel, or guidance. Whereas before, the organization felt more labyrinthine and difficult to approach, now, this page makes clear what services they provide, and how individuals and organizations can get in touch to get the help they need.

LAC’s new and improved resource library is a place where their clients and partners could browse decades worth of unique expertise in the form of publications, webinars, toolkits, and more.

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