MINI Not Normal America

Not your typical American road trips.

Visual Essay
Mini Hero 1

Most car branding is predicated on solid predictability and conservative respectability—even to the point of what some might call dullness. Not MINI’s. The zippy little British cars have always employed a less traditional marketing approach. It’s feisty, it’s fun, it’s joyful—and it’s not afraid to be different.

As part of MINI’s conquest of the USA, Hyperakt was asked to design a campaign around the theme of the old-fashioned American road trip. The Mini might not be the first car that leaps to mind in connection with road tripping, so we aimed to show how criss-crossing the continent in a Mini might just be the best way to get to know our great nation.

SLT Mini Billboard

We did a series of illustrated maps, each telling the story of a different kind of Mini expedition. Our Hipster Road trip visited such cooly ironic destinations as Portland, OR and the world’s largest Paul Bunyan.

Hipster Poster 1
Hipster Poster 2
SLT Mini Hipster
Mini Hipster 1
Mini Hipster 2
Mini Hipster 3
Mini Hipster 4
Mini Hipster 5
Mini Hipster 6
Mini Hipster 7
Mini Hipster 8
Hipster Poster 3
Hipster Poster 4

The International Road Trip took us to American towns named after foreign places, like Moscow, ID. and Paris, TN.

Mini Road trip Poster 3
Mini Road trip Poster 4
SLT Mini International
Mini Road trip Poster 1
Mini Road trip Poster 2

Finally, Vacation Like a ______ showed how your Mini can take you on a trip to satisfy any inclination, no matter what you’re into. Each map is full of beautiful, funny and all-American original illustrations in our distinctive playful style. We had so much fun on each of the road trips that we turned them all into posters, too.

Vacation Like 3
Vacation Like 4
SLT Mini Vacation
Mini Vacation Like 1
Mini Vacation Like 2
Mini Vacation Like 3
Mini Vacation Like 4
Mini Vacation Like 5
Mini Vacation Like 6
Mini Vacation Like 7
Mini Vacation Like 8
Vacation Like 1
Vacation Like 2

Project Credits

Year of Completion
Project Team
  • Jason Lynch
  • Deroy Peraza
  • Aymie Spitzer
  • Margaux Le Pierrès
  • Wen Ping Huang
  • Eric Fensterheim
  • Ambika Roos
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