Speed & Scale

Speed & Scale is an action plan and resource hub to end climate chaos.

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Turning the tide on climate change

Speed & Scale: An Action Plan to Solve Our Climate Crisis Now is a book written by John Doerr, an engineer, venture capitalist, chair of Kleiner Perkins, and author of the number one best-seller Measure What Matters. The book is an outline of actionable objectives to get us to net-zero emissions by 2050—and halfway there by 2030.

Based on a vivid brand system created by our friends at Order we worked alongside the Speed & Scale team to create a digital storytelling experience and resource hub to build on the book's release.

Moving leaders to act

Leaders are busy people with short attention spans. Speed & Scale is a global initiative aimed at educating and advocating for scaling targeted solutions along 10 Objectives.

Presenting the big picture

There are many levels to tackling climate change. Understanding the full picture is a critical step in advancing sustainable solutions. Speed & Scale lays out and a clear framework of Objectives including sectors where emissions need to be reduced and areas where advocacy needs to focus to accelerate progress.

Adding depth and context

Each Objective is explained in its own section on the site and supported by a series of Key Results that need to be accomplished by 2050 to satisfy the objective. The Speed & Scale Tracker also provides an assessment of progress and momentum towards meeting each key result.

Using data to complete the picture

The Speed & Scale team has done extensive research to support their plan for each Objective and Key Result. Whether it's diving deep on energy sources for electricity, the state of transportation, or food consumption and production, each key result provides details on where we are now, and what stands in the way of meeting our goals. Interactive data visualizations help to illustrate specifically where we stand on each Key Result.

The Hyperakt team has Incredibly low ego and was flexible to our changing (and expanding) needs – a really wonderful group of people focused on making the end product great.
Anjali Grover
Managing Director, Speed & Scale
We're just getting started with the Speed & Scale Tracker, but the quality of the experience already much exceeds what's on the market today.
Anjali Grover
Managing Director, Speed & Scale

Easy access to a world of information

We designed a mega menu to allow for immediate access to any of the Objectives or Key Results from anywhere on the site.

A fitting home for an epic book

The entire Speed & Scale experience is anchored by it's namesake book, written by venture capitalist John Doerr, who recently made a $1.1B donation to Stanford University to create a new Climate School, in collaboration with Ryan Panchadsaram, former Deputy Chief Technology Officer in the Obama administration.

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  • Erika Aldrich
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