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Gotham Writers Workshop, like most great things, started small: two writers sharing knowledge with curious minds. Flash forward 20 years, and Gotham has beckoned a generation of writers to share their stories. The curriculum is far-reaching, from business writing to poetry to screenplays. Gotham is a New York institution, and we wanted to portray their vibrancy through brand awareness.

Our relationship with Gotham started many years ago. Hyperakt was asked to evolve the Gotham Writers Workshop brand, leverage the school’s proud reputation and preserve its New York heritage. This time around, we wanted to go deeper and highlight Gotham’s connection to the people of this city. So, we dove into their Stories Everywhere contest, which asks writers to submit 140-character stories. We thought, why create content when the stories already exist? The new campaign wouldn’t be about writing the stories, but instead it would be the stories themselves.

The idea was two-fold: one part narrative and one part brand; a split-page layout that showcased the narrative reflected by the writing process. The zine content stayed consistent: the same striking urban imagery with an evolved color palette. The outcome is a campaign that highlights the innate creativity that is core to Gotham’s identity.


Is 140 characters long enough to tell a story? We think so! In our latest campaign, we used some of the most compelling narratives submitted to Gotham Writers’ monthly Twitter contest. The narrative tweets were paired with relevant imagery to create a visual device that mirrors the writing process.

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