Malala Fund: What Works in Girls' Education

The world’s best investment is girls’ education.

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Startlingly, most nations do not have enough resources to give every girl the education they deserve. The Malala Fund and Brookings Institute are committed to efforts that work toward changing this reality. A new book created by the Center for Universal Education at Brookings, “What Works in Girls’ Education,” makes the case that if nations and families invested in girls’ education, it yields such a positive ecosystem of returns, that no girl should be ever be denied an education.

The challenge

We teamed up with Malala Fund, Brookings Institution, and Carrot Creative’s development team to design the ‘What Works in Girls’ Education microsite. Using the brand framework that the main site established with Carrot Creative, we worked to consolidate key points from the book into five easily digestible factsheets. This project challenged us not only to visually communicate dense information in a clear, impactful, and approachable way, but also to create a cohesive platform for the collaboration between these two different organizations.

The opportunity

Working with 30 facts and insights from the book, our approach started with creating a wireframe that presented the data points into an organized and accessible interface. This helped the Brookings team understand where the language could be modified to become more web-friendly. Then, by using an iconography wayfinding system, and a friendly user interface, the facts and insights on each factsheet become powerful and easily understood by the reader. Finally, we translated the web factsheets into downloadable print resources.

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