What Creates Health?

Broadening the definition of healthy living for all New Yorkers.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Experience Design

In September 2016, NYC Department of Health’s Center for Health Equity (CHE) hosted a summit in the Bronx inviting the community to take part in a conversation about what creates health. Rather than pushing a top-down, blame-based approach to preventing chronic disease, CHE is interested in democratizing and broadening the definition of healthy living, acknowledging that social factors create important impacts on the well being of all New Yorkers.

The summit featured a diverse array of community groups, activists and artists participating in workshops and performances that explore the many facets of health equity. Particular focused was placed on the role of participatory arts as a means to expression and dialogue.

Centering on the question “What Creates Health?”, Hyperakt approached the branding of the program by creating a dynamic conversation starter. Bold blocks and colors stack to allow participants to fill in the blanks and answer the question at the heart of the event. The changing shapes allow for interesting modular compositions serving as a canvas for community members to express thoughts, ideas, and even drawings.

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