Reimagining justice

Founded in 1936 with an endowment from Henry Ford and his son Edsel, the Ford Foundation is one of the largest and most influential philanthropies in the world.

Ford’s 2011 Annual Report (the second designed by Hyperakt) focused on defining contrasts facing the world:

Political change has swept the globe / Yet human rights and freedoms continue to decline

Technology connects people more than ever before / Yet so many remain overlooked and neglected

Economies continue to grow / Yet the gap between rich and poor grows

The 2011 print and digital annual reports highlight key initiatives from the The Ford Foundation. From campaigns to end child marriage to experiments in creating an education systems that work, the impact of this organization continues to shape our world. Accompanying the print report, the digital microsite takes advantage of web technologies and layers of information that brings the message to life.

The site includes three interactive maps to explain: their initiative to bring India’s rural communities together, their campaign to fight child marriage and their work in Indonesia, changing the lives of citizens by allowing them to be a part of their own government. It also features videos and an interactive timeline.