What if you could Photoshop your life?

Adobe is the leading developer for creative software, including the ubiquitous Photoshop. For Photoshop’s 20th anniversary, Adobe approached Hyperakt with an open brief to design a creative piece that celebrates the iconic digital design tool.

Hyperakt’s concept was to show how Photoshop colors the world. We shot a short film about the daily life of designers and artists with Photoshop on the brain - “I Have PSD.” The tongue in cheek video imagines dexterity with Photoshop as a supernatural power, enabling the creative user to reimagine every aspect of his life and appearance.

The video went viral: 1 million views on Vimeo, 100,000 visits to the I Have PSD site, and 150,000 views on Youtube. We even inspired a number of parodies from admirers around the world.

Check out some funny behind-the-scenes photos here.