Amnesty International USA

A new website to ignite a new generation of activists.

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Amnesty International protects people wherever their freedoms are denied. For the past fifty years, they have been investigating and exposing injustices and working to mobilize groups from the local to the global levels. Amnesty is the world’s largest and most renowned human rights movement with over seven million supporters across 150 countries. Their work has not gone unnoticed: they were awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace for their life-changing efforts.

Amnesty’s work is revolutionary – but their website hadn’t been updated in many years. By the time the 2016 elections were ramping up, the USA branch of the organization knew they had to capitalize on the activist energy rampant among the younger generations. Their message was clear: everyone can take action, and all actions matter. Gone are the days when change only came from politicians or academics: this is our time and we are all change-makers.

Amnesty USA asked Hyperakt to refocus their story to ignite a new generation of activists. However, the current political climate demanded we do more than just tell the story – we need to mobilize. We worked collaboratively with Amnesty to create a user experience that helped people get involved, no matter how much time or effort they had to dedicate. We conceived of a spectrum of actions, from sending a postcard to donating to volunteering, that catered to users with a variety of priorities and levels of involvement.

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