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Incubating ventures that advance upward mobility

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All impactful change-makers need to get their start somewhere. The Blue Ridge Foundation helps startups—new businesses with a mission to make a difference—become successful organizations. The foundation provides money, expertise and even office space, helping to transition great ideas into meaningful impact. For 20 years they’ve helped launch socially conscious initiatives. In its later years, Blue Ridge shifted its attention towards technology-focused ideas, and asked Hyperakt to help them communicate to their a new audience.

Blue Ridge

The opportunity

Blue Ridge knew that in order to be credible in the tech-startup and social entrepreneurship sphere, their brand would need to become more outward-facing and innovative. Yet over the past decades, they’d built a tremendous amount of brand equity among nonprofits and other foundations. We needed to negotiate between appealing to a new, youthful, technology-centered audience, while still remaining authentic to its history.

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Technology and transparency

The brand we created for the Blue Ridge Foundation reflects its multi-faceted role. A three dimensional cube as a core mark visualizes Blue Ridge as an incubator space. This logo communicates the building blocks that Blue Ridge provides its portfolio organizations to help them build a solid foundation. We extended the brand through a visual language of pixellation, mirroring Blue Ridge’s new focus on technology, and transparency.

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