Fox Soccer: The Gold Cup's Classic Rivalry

Breaking down how the US Men's National Team has fared against Mexico's "El Tri prior to the 2013 Gold Cup."

Graphic titled “The Giants of CONCACAF: A Look at the Rivalry” showing the FIFA rankings of the U.S. and Mexico national soccer teams. The U.S. is ranked 28th, with an emblem featuring stars and stripes, and Mexico is ranked 17th, with an emblem featuring an eagle and a ball.

Held every two years, the Gold Cup is CONCACAF’s marquee tournament and a chance to crown a champion of North and Central American soccer. The 11th edition of the tournament provides a stage for the two teams who have dominated the tournament to collide again. With 10 of the 11 titles held between them, Mexico and the U.S. have stoked their rivalry with several scintillating final showdowns. This piece provides a look at the history of the rivalry, going all the way back to 1934.

Infographic detailing the 2013 Gold Cup, focusing on the U.S. vs. Mexico. It highlights their historical performances with stats like titles won, top scorers, and viewership. It also covers player rosters, past match results, and notable achievements.

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