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The concept for the Percapita visual identity is rooted in the relationship of the individual to the whole.

Inspired by the name of the company itself: per.cap.i.ta (per person—for each person) the visual identity conceives of individuals—people—as singular dots in a boundless matrix of human relationship.

The dots are distinct— acknowledging the uniqueness and importance of lived personal experience and Percapita’s commitment to listen to that experience and support people in their own vision of financial wellness.

The dots are connected—assembled together in an infinite grid of other individuated dots, the matrix highlighting the inherent relationships between people and with their own communities. Percapita understands that personal financial wellness and communal financial wellness are inextricably tied.

The dots are in motion—they have the ability to grow and converge—building visual density the way that individuals build power and support—together.

The Percapita visual identity draws direct inspiration from post-impressionist art, pointillism, ceramic mosaics, and the cosmos—all visuals that hold the macro and the micro in equal balance and suggest limitless and iterative possibility.

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