Every student deserves a champion


iMentor harnesses the power of long-term, personal relationships to help every student achieve the success he/she deserves and is capable of. The education organization partners with high schools in low-income communities where a majority of students served will be first-generation college graduates. Every year, they recruit thousands of volunteers who commit to mentoring a high school student for at least three years.

iMentor approached Hyperakt to help cut through the noise, focus their story, and find radical differentiation in an increasingly crowded education landscape. Through a holistic approach that included brand strategy, messaging, visual identity rebrand, content strategy, and web redesign, Hyperakt dramatically modernized the voice, appearance, and digital presence of an organization that is doing important, uplifting work.

The new iMentor is immediate, powerful, and inspiring, making it truly evident that every student deserves a champion.

Strategy & Positioning

iMentor’s challenge was not just a design challenge, it was a strategic challenge. The struggle to find and communicate the essence of the organization closely related to how successfully they could outpace competitors, find corporate partners and funding, and expand across the country to new markets.

Visual Identity

The logo is a bridge between the old and the new, a succinct distilling of what iMentor stands for: harnessing the power of one-on-one mentoring to improve college graduation rates.

The creative team continued to build on the strategic positioning and logo through emotive photography, iconography, and illustration. The resulting brand is a celebration of the impact of one-on-one mentorship.

Brand platform

Through research, competitor analysis, and workshops, we helped iMentor distill their personality attributes, emotional benefits, functional benefits, onliness statement, archetype, brand story, key messages, and tagline. These elements form their new brand platform and serve as the guiding light for all of our work.


iMentor’s website is the digital front-door to the organization. It is a deft combination of inspirational storytelling, clean design, and thoughtful logic. Built with bold photography, iconography, and snappy copywriting, the website is the most important place where all of iMentor’s diverse audience segments - funders, school partners, prospective mentees, and the general public - can learn what it takes to become a student's champion.


Hyperakt and iMentor worked together to identify primary and secondary audiences, build an all-encompassing map of the new site, and identify goals and objectives for each page. In this way, our content strategy makes sure to meet the user experience and interface needs of the many different types of people that come to the website.

Annual Report

Hyperakt continued the expression of iMentor's new brand by designing the organization's 2016 Annual Report. The report highlights the diverse "champions" — from mentors to corporate partners and school partners — who make the iMentor's work possible.


At every step along the way, we worked side-by-side with iMentor. Our collaboration involved countless question & answer sessions, stakeholder interviews, and workshops. Together, we surfaced insights and ideas, leveraging our collective expertise to relaunch an inspiring brand everyone can be proud of.