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How do you filter through all of the information clutter on the internet? How do you get the content that’s most relevant to you and your interests? Factr is a customizable news and information aggregator that compiles all relevant content into one place, from any source, in real time. It delivers and filters the information that matters to you based on your interests. With Factr, you can create your own curated collections of content that allow you to develop opinions and insights to share with the Factr world. In addition, the Factr community allows you to follow curated collections by experts in any field.

The challenge

We teamed up with Factr to create a comprehensive, simplified, and robust new site for their platform. There were multiple challenges to this project. We had to figure out how users could control and dissect vast amounts of information in an intuitive and easy way. Secondly, we had to create a site that was both a news aggregator and social network, with content curation capabilities. We also had to understand how each of the different types of content (articles, written posts, and collections) visually exist as both aggregated and curated pieces. Lastly, the site had to feel heavy with content, but still digestible.

The opportunity

We began by researching these types of sites separately and then developing a solution that integrated the most important features. We created a visual and logical system for each piece of content that was maintained throughout the platform. From there, we started prototyping different visual interfaces, figuring out the content hierarchy. We ended up with a solution that was rich with content that was digestible with clear hierarchy and direction.

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