Mass Bail Out

Raising awareness about the punishing injustice of bail and pretrial incarceration.

What is the Mass Bail Out?

A direct action by community organizations and citizens around the city to garner political attention and public outrage.

Bail and pretrial incarceration unjustly punishes the poor and disproportionately impacts Black and Brown people. Rikers Island, one of the most notorious jails in the world, holds American citizens in unsafe conditions.

The image features two versions of the logo for "Mass Bail Out: A Freedom Project." One is a square with the text stacked inside, and the other is a rectangular banner with the text aligned horizontally. Both have a dark background and bold white text.
Text in image: "THE GOAL: POSTING BAIL FOR HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE." The text "THE GOAL" is in orange and the rest of the text is in light blue, on a dark blue background, with vertical orange lines on either side.

How they did it

The Robert F. Kennedy foundation, in conjunction with a group of 23 nonprofits dedicated to dismantling mass incarceration, raised over $5 million dollars to bail out every woman and child on Rikers Island.

Aerial view of a prison complex on an island with the words "The Mass Bail Out is a Call for Freedom" in bold white and orange text superimposed over the image.
A webpage with a light blue background promoting an article titled "Why We Must End Pre-Trial Detention Now?" in bold, black text next to a large, orange number 1. Navigation buttons labeled "DONATE" and "VOLUNTEER" are at the top, and a pagination menu is at the bottom.
Split image. Left side: a poster on a brick wall reads "No one should be held in jail simply because they cannot afford the ransom on their freedom," with "#MassBailOut" and "#CloseRikers" hashtags. Right side: a website page titled "MASS BAIL OUT" with a navigation menu.
Two posters against a dark background. The left orange poster quotes Robert F. Kennedy: "The rich man and poor man do not receive equal justice in our courts. And is no where more evident than in the matter of bail." The right blue poster reads: "LET’S GET FREE.
Split image with text on the left stating "WHAT WILL OUR IMPACT BE?" in bold letters. On the right, a black-and-white photo shows a person holding a sign reading "DENIAL OF RACISM IS RACISM". The bottom of the sign reads "MASS BAIL OUT.
Three colored wristbands labeled 'MASS BAILOUT VOLUNTEER' are displayed. The colors are light blue, black, and orange, each with a perforated strip and a clasp end for fastening.
A tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlights a quote from Robert F. Kennedy about the inequality of justice between rich and poor. The tweet supports the #MassBailOut initiative on Rikers Island. It includes hashtags #MassBailOut, #CloseRikers, and #BailReformNY.
Image shows two side-by-side smartphones displaying social media posts about Mass Bail Out. The left phone shows an Instagram post featuring a person in front of a bail window. The right phone shows a Twitter post with text about the organization's activities.

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