Supermajority was founded on the wave of anger and resistance that followed the 2016 election and the singular question that came from that jarring moment: “What could women do to build the world we deserved?” The organization (which is actually made up of two legal entities) focuses on two lanes of work: education and community building under their 501c3 entity and organizing and political action through their 501c4 entity.

Original wordmark created by Champions Design. Updates by Hyperakt.

The challenge

In the first few years, Supermajority was centered on removing Trump from office. Following the election of Biden, their brand had lost direction and focus. What was the animating purpose of the organization? Why did they exist? Whom did they wish to serve? It was time to renew the purpose of the organization and their promise to audiences.

The opportunity

The first step was to decenter the founders’ identities in the brand and build out a clear value proposition for the organization. To do this, we needed to pull apart the often-conflated identities of their community-building entity (501c3) and their political mobilization entity (501c4) and clarify what each one does, for whom, and why.

Text reading "Supermajority" in large, bold pink letters, and underneath in smaller, black letters "The Power of Women." The background is a beige color with a white, paintbrushed texture behind the text.

Supermajority (501c4)

A graphic with a pink background featuring a cream-colored blob in the center. The text reads "Supermajority Ed Fund" in black and pink letters, with "Sisterhood + Community" written below in black and pink letters.

Supermajority Education Fund (501c3)

The deep understanding and the research and discovery phase felt different from other engagements with past partners.
Meg Lazaros
Director of Brand and Creative, Supermajority

Two brands that go hand in hand

The brand strategy, verbal identity, and visual identities of both brands centered on the larger goal of women building a world for women, but each offered a distinct approach—the first all about care, nurturing, and community; the second all about political action and progressive advocacy.

Two women stand confidently against a light-colored background with abstract shapes. The text "Supermajority" in bold pink and "The Power of Women" in black are displayed prominently on the left. One woman wears an orange top, and the other wears a white dress.


Supermajority (the 501c4) focuses on activating a politically-curious community of women from all backgrounds into a voting bloc with collective strength to take action on issues that matter to women. Supermajority is steered by shared values, shaped by activism and engagement, and driven to build agenda-setting influence. This brand was distinctly about lighting a fire, stirring courage, and breaking down barriers.

Supermajority visual identity

The more political and action-oriented 501c4 was invigorating, powerful, and edgy. It leaned into the original brand color of hot pink and supplemented it with a powerful orange. The photography was raw and moving, showing women on the march, fighting for their rights.

A collage of six images advocating for reproductive rights. Includes women in protest, text stating "Abortion is still legal," "Build Back Better," and a tweet about reaffirming abortion legality. There's also a portrait of a confident woman with folded arms.
A collage consisting of six parts related to various social issues: bills/laws, Build Back Better, and Roe vs. Wade. Images include the U.S. Capitol, hands collaborating, eyes and women's health symbols, a document with a pen, shaking hands, and a uterus with scales.
A visually fragmented collage features the U.S. Capitol building's architectural elements. Various geometric shapes in beige and hot pink intersect with photos of the dome, columns, and façade, creating an abstract and modern composition against a light background.
A smiling woman with curly hair, wearing a sleeveless red dress and denim vest, sits with two young girls. The girl on her left leans against her, and the girl on her right hugs her, both smiling. The background has abstract beige shapes.
Graphic with an orange background featuring "Supermajority Celebrate Supermajority is turning three!" A smiling person with short hair and colorful attire appears within an abstract shape on the right side.
A webpage layout with photography guidelines featuring six images. Top left: three women smiling with a child. Top right: two people embracing. Middle left: person wearing a mask. Middle right: people protesting. Bottom left: person reading. Bottom right: women raising fists.
I appreciated that Hyperakt was not afraid to push back on us when needed to move the project forward in the strongest direction.
Meg Lazaros
Director of Brand and Creative, Supermajority
Image of two women smiling and embracing. The text on the left side reads "Supermajority Ed Fund" in bold letters with "SISTERHOOD + COMMUNITY" below it. The background is a soft beige color with a purple abstract shape behind the women.

Supermajority Education Fund

Supermajority Education Fund (the 501c3) brings together women from historically excluded communities to learn from each other's lived experiences. Ed Fund is about valuing connections and encouraging women to become leaders in communities, workplaces, and at the voting booth. This meant building a brand that plants seeds of hope, strengthens solidarity among women, and lifts spirits.

Supermajority Education Fund visual identity

The visual expression of the 501c3 was about light, effortless, and encouraging, and used warm pastels and photography that depicted women in community with each other.

A promotional collage with six panels. Top left: "Book Club with Ibi Zoboi, Jan 31, 2022". Top center: A person laughing. Top right: "I'm making the Majority Rules real by...". Bottom left: A tweet about abortion's legality. Bottom center: Hands raising a "BILL" sign. Bottom right: A smiling person.
A collage-style image divided into three sections: "Bills, Laws, and Court Decisions" with government buildings, "Build Back Better" with hands sharing threads, and "Roe vs. Wade" with hands, eyes, and a uterus symbolizing women's rights and justice.
Two women are pictured against a beige background with abstract shapes. The woman on the left, wearing a white hijab and traditional attire, smiles warmly. The woman on the right, in a black blouse and glasses, laughs joyfully against a pink backdrop.
A banner with a bright pink background celebrates the Supermajority Education Fund's third anniversary. It features text "Supermajority Ed Fund - Celebrate. Supermajority Education Fund is turning three!" alongside a smiling person with short hair.

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