West Wing Writers

Stepping out from behind the curtain to drive big ideas and conversations into the zeitgeist.

Visual Identity, Content Strategy, Organizational Website


For the last 20 years, West Wing Writers, a premier communications strategy firm, has been behind the scenes catapulting some of the biggest ideas, conversations, and leaders into the cultural, political, and social zeitgeist. Today, high-caliber clients continue to roll in through references and word-of-mouth. The staff are whip smart, ambitious, and career savvy.

The challenge

One of the first to market back in the early 2000s, the marketplace was now full of veteran and up-start firms offering nearly indistinguishable services. After a whole year of reimagining their business strategy and trying to step out of a sea of sameness, it was time to take drastic action to move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat—to differentiate themselves from the crowd, talk about their work differently, reach for new clients, attract and retain talent, and most importantly, wield their brand with more confidence, clarity, and focus.

The opportunity

The brand opportunity was clear. It was time to shake off the narrow label of “political speechwriters” and step into the more expansive category of “strategic communications firm”. This in turn meant it was time talk about their services and expertise differently. They were no longer just writers but a collective of strategic thinkers and politically savvy operators who guide clients from all industries and sectors through a comprehensive process of asking big questions and uncovering paradigm-shifting answers. And most critically, it was time time shed a bland, corporate identity in favor of an expression that emanated the dynamism, energy, and wit of their own staff.

From writers to thought leaders

Today, West Wing Writers is a powerful player in the world of strategic communications—with deep experience rooted in their White House origins and modern sensibilities and instincts derived from their work with Fortune 500 companies, leading philanthropies, politicians, thought-leaders, and beyond.

Pulling back the curtain

Their services, unique methodology, and product offerings are clearly outlined, elevating their strategic and comprehensive approach. Their team and culture are front-and-center, not just to boost credibility in the brilliant minds behind the work, but also to pull back the curtain on the vibrant culture that nurtures a diverse set of individuals, young, old, up-and-coming, and established.

A confident evolution

The new logo confidently embraced the speech bubble in the original mark, symbolizing their commitment to strategic communication. The update is bolder and the redrawn speech bubble removes awkward spaces, solidifying the rectangular shape of the overall mark.

Professionalism, elevated

Balancing sophistication and playfulness was key to creating a brand that matched the energy of West Wing Writers' team.

Bringing the story to life digitally

We crafted a comprehensive content strategy for their organizational website, seamlessly integrating the graphic language of their logo, with creative variations of the speech bubble motif and their vibrant color palette. This approach playfully frames their services and narrative, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online presence.


Design System

A moving experience

Gentle animations gracefully infuse a touch of whimsical charm into the user experience, effectively expressing and embodying the unique personality of the brand.

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