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A nonprofit’s brand is its most valuable asset

Internal clarity and external confidence

It’s time to think differently about how branding can help nonprofits do the hard work of change. Your brand is the key that unlocks your organization’s potential to build networks connected in conversation about what’s possible. It unites your people, elevates your visibility, distinguishes you from peers, and attracts talent. It enables clearer decision-making, opens new funding streams, builds strategic partnerships, and amplifies your impact.

We offer three ways to help nonprofit organizations and foundations build more resonant brands:

How do we do it?

We guide you

We know this work can feel daunting. We’re in this with you. We support your team from beginning to impact, ensuring that you know what to expect at each step. We’ll make your brand resonant to your staff and supporters, and relevant to the broader network you need to build.

We coach you

We coach your team to wrestle with the insights and tensions at the heart of your work. Approaching the branding process this way can feel hard, scary, and emotional. But it’s a critical part of distilling your brand’s big idea. For a brand to become a true strategic asset, it has to resonate from the inside out.

We challenge you

Many creative partners see unresolved tensions in their clients' work as friction to avoid at all costs. We see them as the fuel that powers provocative conversations that can spark and sustain real change.

The deep understanding and the research and discovery phase felt different from other engagements with past partners. I also appreciated that Hyperakt was not afraid to push back on us when needed to move the project forward in the strongest direction.
Meg Lazaros
Deputy Director of Brand and Creative, Supermajority

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