Resonance unlocks impact

Your brand is deeply rooted in the work, purpose, and people of your organization.

A new approach to nonprofit branding

Through an approach that is radically collaborative, flexibly structured, and refreshingly creative, we coach teams to wrestle with the insights and tensions at the heart of your work. Approaching the branding process this way can make it hard, scary, and emotional. But it’s a critical part of distilling your brand’s big idea. For a brand to become a true strategic asset, it has to resonate from the inside out.

Resonant Brands

The power of a nonprofit’s brand

Branding isn’t just about designing your logo or website; it’s the sum of what you stand for, how you look, how you speak, how you partner, how you raise money, how you achieve your mission. In order to tap into your fullest potential, your brand must convey your reason for being and catapult it from within your organization to the outside world.

From dissonance to resonance

We call the disconnect between who you are and how you're perceived brand dissonance. These mixed signals can lead to an identity crisis that stifles your organization’s potential for impact.

The greater the dissonance, the harder it is for your people to push your organization forward. Your team will have lower morale and cohesion, and your advocates, donors, and partners will be confused about what you do and what you stand for.

We help nonprofits resolve brand dissonance into brand resonance.

A resonant brand reflects inner clarity, external confidence, singular voice. It stirs a connection that has the power to make people feel something.

Building a resonant brand unites your people, elevates your visibility, and helps you attract strong talent. It is the key that unlocks the door to clearer decision-making, new funding streams, strategic partnerships, and amplified influence to effect change.

Is it the right time for your organization to engage in rebranding? Curious to understand what kind of impact it can have for you and your team? Read about our nonprofit clients' experiences and results in their own words.

We guide nonprofits through the process of building resonant brands.
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What makes us different

Many creative partners see unresolved tensions in their clients' work as friction to avoid at all costs. We see them as the fuel that powers provocative exploration and breakthroughs into uncharted territory.

The deep understanding and the research and discovery phase felt different from other engagements with past partners. I also appreciated that Hyperakt was not afraid to push back on us when needed to move the project forward in the strongest direction.
Meg Lazaros
Deputy Director of Brand and Creative, Supermajority

The Status Quo

The Hyperakt Way

The agency isn’t focused on work for a particular sector.

Deep expertise in the social impact sector affords us sensitivity to people and culture; and an understanding of identities, values, and beliefs.

On the client-side, branding is the purview of the communications staff with targeted involvement from the executive team.

Branding involves people representing your entire organization, partners, and clients, and is indispensable to your overarching strategy.

Brand strategy is executed with a boiler-plate approach.

We tailor our approach to address the inner tensions preventing you from communicating with clarity.

Brand strategy is presented in lengthy decks of collected research lacking in clear, actionable insights.

Brand strategy is a transformative coaching process designed to unite your people around a concise, singular brand idea.

Branding is a visual makeover attached to a digital project.

Visual identity is a logical progression of brand strategy and emotive expression of your core brand idea.

Design work is produced in isolation and focus is put on big reveals.

Client teams are active participants with multiple points of alignment throughout the project.

There is minimal agency engagement after the branding project wraps.

We support your team’s needs with ongoing engagements to ensure the brand is being leveraged to create maximum impact.

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